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Everything About Sports Genetic Testing: Athlete Genetics


If you're a sports fan, genetic testing is probably something that has crossed your mind. Maybe it's in the back of your head wondering what those results would mean for athletes in the future and how they could impact professional teams.

Don't worry--it doesn't have to be scary! Let me break down everything you need to know about this cutting-edge technology.

What is sports genetic testing?

Genetic testing in sports is the process of testing a person's genes in order to determine their athletic potential.

Choose the right sport, exercise consistently and diversely, eat well, and mentally prepare to maximize your potential as an athlete. In the same way that intelligence develops through the interaction of multiple genes, athletic performance is heavily influenced by genetics. 

Sports genetic testing can characterize an individual's inherited inclination to be more successful in one sport than another, even if it cannot guarantee success in that sport. However, a person's actions and choices determine whether or not their inclination becomes a reality.

Sports genetic testings can help you understand:

  • better or equal tendency to participate in endurance or power sports,
  • the availability of energy in your cells,
  • the heart and skeletal muscles' use of glucose and oxygen while exercising,
  • the type of your muscle fibers,
  • coordination of metabolic and circulatory activities in your muscles.
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Do genetics determine athletic ability?

Genetic background gives a positive boost to sports performance. But not only genetics, but also the balance of circumstances that will make this genetic infrastructure profitable is vital. Especially with the effect of training system, sleep, diet and other environmental elements, there is a potential to reach the elite athlete form. It is indicated by many studies that gene polymorphism will also effect it.

Uniqgene is committed to creating genetic testing that help you learn about your full potential.

Despite the sensitive nature of the data, our reports never have a negative impact on the individual and, on the contrary, aid in the selection of effective training methods.

The data that comprise the personalized report is the result of a database that we created entirely from scientific articles, and it aims to prevent injuries that may occur in young people, amateur and professional athletes, as well as the loss of time, effort, and money that may occur as a result of poor decisions.

How is athletic genetic testing done?

Your tests are performed for features such as muscle type, muscle structure, vascular development and blood pressure, dietary trends, fat and energy metabolism, injury risks, and muscle inflammation, thanks to Uniqgene genetic tests.

Since DNA sequence does not vary with age,conducting  a genetic test once in a lifetime is adequate. You may easily use the test kit at home. To collect the material, a swab of the intraoral epithelium is obtained from the inner surface of both cheeks with a sterile cotton swab; this data is adequate for genetic analysis.

What are the benefits of sports genetic testing?

The benefits of sports genetic testing are obvious: It can help you determine your genetic abilities and let you decide the best choices for your training program. 

It can also tell you if your body will hold up under the stress of training and competition. But it is important to understand that no test can guarantee you will be a successful athlete, nonetheles every data contributes to your development process.

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Who can benefit from sports genetic testing?


Athletes can use genetic testing to learn about their predisposition to certain sports injuries, including ACL tears and concussions.

They can also use sports genetic testing to improve their performance.

Besides, people who work out at the gym or at home can also make use of sports genetic testing. 


Coaches can use genetic testing to identify athletes with special athletic talents


Parents might be interested in genetic testing if they are concerned about their child's athletic potential.

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How is sports genetic testing performed?

How is it done?

  • A saliva sample is collected.
  • The sample is sent to a laboratory for analysis.
  • The results are provided.

Why is it done?

  • Sports genetic testing is used to determine if an individual has a genetic disposition to perform better at a sport.
  • It can also help identify potential remedies for injuries and illnesses.
  • Genetic testing can also be used to help identify potential doping methods.

What's included?

  • Each test report includes data on 14 genetic variants.
  • The tests are able to reveal information about a person's sporting abilities.

What to expect?

  • You will receive a swab and instructions to collect a sample of your DNA.
  • You will also receive a report that includes data on 14 of your genetic variants.
  • The reports are sleek and contains data focused on athletes.

How they work?

Each sports and wellness DNA test provides you with the information you need to know about your genetic predisposition to excel in various capacities. This information can be used to help you have greater control over your habits and improve your strengths.

You can use this information to better understand your dietary and physical activity preferences.

More Information About Your Sports Performance

At Uniqgene, we are a team of not only genetics experts, but also athletes. With our advisory board specializing in sports, science, and analytics, we seek to produce the most accurate information. We offer long-term solutions for you that you can always reach.

As a consequence of our R&D research, we have designed packages that we believe will provide you with the most advantageous results using gene areas that have been verified in multiple papers and articles, analyzed, and tested in our own laboratories.

Each gene area is researched with the most athletes possible and is aided by a unique algorithm built by the Uniqgene team. Because each of us, like a butterfly's wings, is unique, as is our body. We help athletes manage their sporting life professionally by ensuring that they are healthy and successful in their careers.

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