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DNA testing has become increasingly popular in recent years as people look to uncover their ancestry, determine their risk of certain medical conditions or even find out about their potential athletic genes. But what exactly is DNA testing and how does it work? How can you find DNA tests near you?

what is a dna test

What is a DNA test?

Your DNA is %100 unique to you and every individual; moreover, it contains information about your ancestries, potential sports ability and health risks.

There are several types of DNA tests available, including ancestry tests, paternity test, and sports genetic tests. Ancestry tests analyze your DNA to determine your ethnic background and trace your ancestry back several generations or help you find family connections and family members. Relationship tests can confirm or refute a suspected biological relationship between two individuals, such as a parent-child or sibling relationship. This kind of paternity test is usually done in cases of whether or not to pay child support depending on the DNA test results.

Sports DNA tests help you to learn about your genes and how they might affect your sports performance.

DNA testing is a simple and quick process. Your saliva or a cheek swab is the only thing required from you as a sample by most DNA tests, which is then sent to a laboratory for analysis.

For Uniqgene, our laboratory uses enhanced genetic testing techniques to examine your DNA and determine the results.

uniqgene sports genetic test

What is Sports Genetic Testing?

As Uniqgene, we offer you sports genetic testing that can help you discover your potential, so what is sports genetic testing?

Sports genetic testing is a sort of DNA examination that examines a person's genetic profile to identify factors that could affect their sports ability.

These evaluations can aid in athletes' understanding of their sport's strengths, limitations, and potential for progress, as well as in the selection of teams and training schedules by coaches.

What is at-home DNA testing?

A genetic test that you may perform in the privacy of your home is an at-home DNA test. With at-home DNA tests, you often receive a kit with everything you could need to collect a sample. To collect a sample, you are provided with a swab stick to collect your saliva.

After gathering your sample, you mail it back to the lab for examination.

Your results will be sent to you either via email or from the website where you purchased the kit after the laboratory has examined your DNA sample.

At-home DNA tests are often used for personal genetic testing, including genealogy research and testing for genetic health conditions.

What is an at-home sports genetic test?

At-home sports genetic test is a type of at-home DNA test that can be used for discovering your athletic genes and shaping your diet or training program. Sports genetic testing is a type of DNA test where individuals can learn about their athletic traits, and genes, therefore, make informed decisions about their performance optimization.

So you can definitely consider getting one if you are curious about discovering your genetic potential!

How much do DNA tests cost?

The prices of DNA tests can differ according to the type or the level of the analysis. Furthermore, the provider can also have an effect on the cost of the tests.

At-home DNA tests for genealogy and ancestry purposes can cost anywhere from $50 to $200. More comprehensive tests that include health risk assessments and wellness reports can cost upwards of $300.

Sports Genetic tests can also vary from $300 to $500.

At Uniqgene, we try our best to offer everyone the most suitable choice for them by providing multiple at-home DNA test kits with various qualities.

The kit we often recommend to our customers provides you with the information:

  • Muscle type and structure.
  • Risk of injury
  • Recovery after training
  • Energy metabolism
  • Oxygen capacity
  • Motor Learning Ability
  • Adaptation of the circulatory system

To see other DNA testing kits and more detail you can check our website.

Uniqgene can also be the answer to one of your many questions:

DNA test near me

Where is the DNA test near me?

DNA testing and sports genetic testing are undeniably the products of technology that tries to make your life easier. You can now perform them at home just by yourself in the comfort of your home, so why not order them without lifting a finger using technology?

Here is where Uniqgene comes to play!

At Uniqgene, we make it simple for you to purchase a test and receive results that you can use. Our results are organized clearly and succinctly so you can see your athletic strengths and opportunities for development right away. So that you may achieve tangible results on the field or in the gym, you can utilize this knowledge to make informed choices regarding your training, diet, and recovery.

Quick and Easy

Without even leaving your home or your bed, you can order the DNA testing kit of your choice with just one click and then only wait for it to arrive on your doorstep!

After that, all you have to do is

  1. Follow the instructions that came with the kit,
  2. Collect your DNA samples with a cotton stick that is also provided to you in the kit,
  3. Mail it back to us,
  4. Wait for the results.

How long does it take to get DNA test results?

Waiting for the results back can be the hardest part of the at-home DNA testing process because of excitement.

You will need to wait 4-6 weeks after gathering your DNA sample and mailing it back to Uniqgene before getting the results. You will receive an email notification when your data are ready, and you can also access them online after that.

Other types of DNA test results can vary depending on their type and the provider. Overall, most provider expects you to wait at least 3 weeks to give the test results back.

How long does it take to get DNA test results


DNA testing has developed into a useful tool for a variety of purposes, including ancestry research, medical diagnosis, and improving athletic performance. Depending on the type of test and the extent of the analysis, the price of DNA testing can vary significantly, with at-home DNA tests often being less expensive than medical DNA tests requested by a healthcare professional. DNA test turnaround times can also differ, with some testing delivering findings in as little as a few weeks and others taking several months.

Before making a choice, it's crucial to research the reputation and dependability of the DNA testing provider and speak with a physician or genetic counsellor about the advantages and disadvantages of testing. With DNA testing becoming more widely available and more reasonably priced, people have more possibilities to obtain important data about their genetics and make decisions about their health and well-being.

Discovering your potential is one click away with Uniqgene!

Do you want to understand your athletic strengths and weaknesses, and reach your full potential? Uniqgene Sports Genetic Testing is here to help. With just a single click, you can order a DNA test that will analyze your genes and give you valuable insights into your athletic performance.

So why wait?

Take the first step towards unlocking the secrets of your athletic potential and order your Uniqgene Sports Genetic Test today. With just a single click, you'll be on your way to becoming the best athlete you can be.


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