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Explore your potential with Uniqgene's at home DNA test kit for sports performance

Discover more efficient solutions to optimize your athletic capabilities through personalized athletic DNA testing with Uniqgene's at home DNA test kit.

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What can you learn about your DNA?


The genetics to choose
training type is important
in determining whether
the athlete's muscle type
has explosive power or the endurance characteristic
that responds better to
prolonged or intense training.


Genetic factors such as; the production of collagen which is one of the most essential proteins of the skeletal system, inflammation and recovery period after injury are very effective in determining the quality of life of the athlete.


Along with our physical characteristics, vascular structure, oxygen level in the blood, and the ability of the vessels to carry and to transmit oxygen to the muscles are important factors for long term exercises.


Conservation of energy during and after training is highly related to the absorption and metabolism of macro nutrients, vitamins and minerals taken into the body.


Glucose is converted into energy for muscle contraction. The actate molecule that emerges during the anaerobic breakdown of glucosemay accumulate in muscle cells and cause fatigue or muscle injuries.


Homeostasis of the body such as blood pressure, vascularization and also adaptation to exercises for athletes is very important for the cardiovascular health and for a healthy sports life.


In sports, complex cognitive functions play crucial roles. Quick decision-making skills, learning, action and risktaking, competitive behavior are among these biological factors.

How it works?

With the SWAB bars that came out of the box, simply take your sample and send it back to us.

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Make your online order

Order and receive your at home sport dna test

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Collect your DNA sample

Carefully take saliva and place it in the swab. Follow the guide in the collection kit to take and send back your sample.

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Send DNA sample to us

Send the DNA test kit to our accredited laboratories in the mail.

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Get results in your account

Your results are ready within 6-8 weeks. You may now see your genetic report in your Uniqgene account.

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Fenerbahçe chooses Uniqgene as performance improvement partner!

Would you like to increase your athletic performance consistently? Curious of your kid's athletic tendencies? Uniqgene's personalized DNA test is exactly what you're looking for!


GülerLegacy stars discovered their potentials with Uniqgene!

Founder of GulerLegacy and national basketball team ex-captain Sinan Güler voiced his satisfaction about the actionable results that they received after taking the Uniqgene sports DNA test.


Why Uniqgene?

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Easy & adaptable DNA test for sports performance

With Uniqgene's at home DNA test kit, genetic testing for sports performance is easier. Your personalized sports genetic report is adaptable and could be used for life.

Scientific & applicable athletic gene testing

You can easily apply the results of your genetic testing for sports performance in your daily life & sports routine.

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Reliable analytics displaying athletic DNA

Our tests are carried out in accredited laboratories with CE certified devices. Your personal data is safe with Uniqgene data system.

Genetic testing for athletic performance tracking

Keep track of your players' performance on our performance tracking platform once they complete their genetic testing for sports performance.

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